Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doing It With DiSC - What’s your DiSC style?

To determine your DiSC style you can take an “Everything DiSC” style assessment to find  out**. Or maybe you are wondering about the other folks in your life—your spouse, kids, BOSS and coworkers. You can pretty readily figure their (or your own) style out simply through some serious observation.

First, let’s revisit the four primary styles in a nutshell*: 

Dominance: direct, strong-willed, and forceful

Influence: sociable, talkative, and lively

Steadiness: gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted (me!)

Conscientiousness: private, analytical, and logical

Look at the characteristics associated with each style. Then ask yourself, am I fast-paced and outspoken OR am I cautious and reflective? For example, Donald Trump is fast-paced

and out- spoken.  Mr. Spock on Star Trek is cautious and reflective.  If you are fast-paced and outspoken, you are either a “D” – (Dominance) or an “I” – (Influence) style. If you are more cautious and reflective, you are either a “C” – (Conscientiousness) or “S” – (Steadiness) style.

If you are either a “D” or an ”i”, The next step to further determine your style (or the person you are considering) is to ask if you are questioning & skeptical or accepting and warm. If you are skeptical, you are a “D”, if you are accepting, you are an “i” style.
Now, if you are either a “C” or an “S”, ask if you are questioning and skeptical, OR accepting and warm. If you are skeptical, then you are a “C”.  If you are accepting and warm, then you are an “S”.

So, we could add these characteristics to the brief descriptions we have above:

Dominance: Fast-paced, outspoken, questioning, and skeptical.

Influence: Fast-paced, outspoken, accepting and warm.

Steadiness: Cautious, reflective, accepting and warm.

Conscientiousness: Cautious, reflective, questioning, and skeptical

Here are some celebrity examples of the four styles: 


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor/politician)
  • Barbara Walters (TV host)
  • Donald Trump (businessman)
  • General Patton (historical figure)
  • Hilary Clinton (politician) 
  • Albert Einstein (physicist)
  • Bill Gates (businessman)
  • Diane Sawyer (news anchor)
  • Barack Obama (President)
  • Mr. Spock (TV character)
  • Bill Clinton (former President)
  • Oprah Winfrey (TV host)
  • Dolly Parton (singer)
  • Jimmy Fallan (TV host) Steadiness
  • Charlie Brown (comic strip character)
  • Jimmy Carter (former President)
  • John Denver (singer)
  • Mahatma Gandhi (civil rights figure)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights figure)
  • Michelle Obama (First Lady)
You might now say, “O.K. So now I know my style. So what?” That will be the subject of my next “Doing it with DiSC” blog!

**Call me at 770-696-3369 to discuss the possibility of taking the Wiley Everything DiSC online assessment for free.

*From the Everything DiSC® Manual by Mark Scullard, Ph.D. and Dabney Baum, Ed.D.