Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Can't We Just Get Along?

Often because we just don't think and respond in the same way as others. Individuals tend to have favorite ways of responding and behaving?

Conflict is based on unmet expectations! So when an individual responds to you differently than what you expect, you tend to make them wrong. Why not learn more about how people are wired and then learn to adapt your style to get a better outcome?

See below for some Ideas based on the DiSC Assessment model.

Keep in mind the different behavioral styles of the individuals involved and what would be an acceptable outcome for both. In other words, how do you prepare and achieve a win/win?

D - Needs to win... let them figure out what can be done to right the situation
    - Can be very blunt
    - Can challenge what you be prepared and stay on topic

i - Wants everyone to be happy
   - Does not want to lose their social standing with the group
   - Wants everyone to be their friend... share some positive attributes and assure them that "this" can be worked out

S - Finds conflict very uncomfortable
   - Strives for harmony with the group
   - Likes time to think things over and reflect on what is said before taking action

C - Remembers the details of the situation so be prepared with facts to back up your accusations
    - May be slow to react on what is being said because they are thinking through the situation presented
    - May not display any emotions...have a suggested plan on how the situation can be resolved

Practice or think through how you might change your approach!