Monday, November 5, 2012

Leaders Who Influence Results

Leaders Who Influence Results  

by Nancy Allen

So how DO Leaders influence results?

As Tony Robbins explains in his outstanding Leadership programs, there are Fundamental Human Needs that influence the decisions we make and thus, the actions that we take.  And, if we know what these human needs are, we can influence change and empower people to move forward.

I suggest that the only way leaders can INFLUENCE Positive Results is to know WHAT INFLUENCES the individuals they serve.  

And if you know the top 2 Top Human Needs of each person you encounter then you have the capacity to influence positive results, FAST!

  • Need for Certainty/Comfort – They need to feel stability about their basic necessities. For example, the ability to know that food, shelter and other material resources are available consistently is key for this Human Need.
  • Need for Uncertainty/Variety Variety, surprise, new ideas, etc. is the spice of life for a person with this Human Need.  They generally enjoy all kinds of Entertainment, Change in Scenery, International Cuisine, Fresh New Ideas, etc.
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  • Need for Significance – We all like to feel special, important unique etc. and a person with this Human Need gets significance via recognition from others or from themselves.
  • Need for Connection/Love – We all want to feel a connection with someone or something: an ideal, a habit, a sense of identity, a person, etc. This helps us form our identity.

Effective Communication and Quality Questions help Leaders determine the Top 2 Human Needs that drive the decisions of the people they serve. And, effective Communication is the catalyst that makes a Good leader into a GREAT LEADER.