Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Discover DiSC Styles and Your Organizational Style

Nancy Allen – President – Leading With DiSC
Does it ever feel like you are spinning in circles when it comes to organizing your home or office?
Or, would you be unable to create and feel productive if your office environment was disorganized?
Or, are you comfortable creating results, regardless of how disorganized your office environment happens to be?
Or, is keeping yourself organized a continuous, painful uphill battle?
I decided to look at how different DiSC Styles organize their office environment. 
 Go ahead, and let us know where your see yourself in the following DiSC Style overview. Okay?
Dominant Style: This Style tends to compartmentalize the most important items that will influence bottom line results, fast.  This enables this Style to make decisions quickly and directly. And, since this Style wants to make the most effective use of time, they want the BIG PICTURE and their office often reflects this.  

Influential Style: This Style offer a blend of enthusiasm, spontaneity, and creativity that sometimes influences a Very Messy Office Space.   With this Style the focus is much more on collaboration and feeling well liked rather than stopping and organizing one’s office space.

Steady Style: This Style is very easy going and can have a rather cautious pace.  Since this Style likes the steadiness of life. (I.e. the same food choices, the same office supplies, and the same way to work) their office won’t change much.  In, fact once they have identified their favorite Chair, favorite pen, etc., they keep their office organized so they have easy access to their favorite things.

Conscientious Style:  This Style values details and facts that clearly support an idea. So when you see their office, there will be labels, and color coded solutions everywhere. This tactic serves to provide easy access to the details they need easy access to. And, sometimes they get so bogged down in the details in a given project that their office looks like a bomb hit it.  

Where do you see yourself? Please let us know by commenting below.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


By Nancy Allen – President  - Leading With DiSC

STRESS-O-MATIC?  You might be wondering. What’s this?

Okay. this was a fun way to get your attention.  

And here’s the main point:

Most of us would NOT buy a Stress-O-Matic, even if it was a real item that you could purchase.

In fact, we often ask ourselves how we can Reduce our stress? Right?

So, I decided to take be creative and look at “Commuting to Work”-  as a form of Stress, to see how  each DiSC Style responds.

Take a look to see which Style seems more like you: Check Your Driving Behavior

DOMINANT STYLE– Tends to drive in the fast lane and leaves early to avoid traffic. They conduct business using blue tooth, etc. while on the go!

INFLUENTIAL STYLE:  Tends to get ready putting on last minute accessories, while in the car. Plays Music/Sings while on the go! 

STEADY STYLE:  Tends to leave the same time every day. May prepare coffee/tea to go!  And will regularly make a daily call to relative to discuss the day.

CONSCIENTIOUS STYLE:  Tends to listen to news to avoid traffic delays and researches parking garages to find the best deal.

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