Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Because You Are The Boss…

So the question remains:  Just because you are the Boss, does that mean you possess an effective leadership style?  And, by the way, how do YOU define an effective leadership style?
To answer this question I wanted to look at a just a few SYMPTOMS of ineffective leadership.

Lack Integrity:  If a leader lacks integrity or character, he/she will be responsible for his/her own undoing and ultimate failure. This suggests that this type of leader may major in rationalizing unethical behavior and may minor in owning a problem -resolution style.

Poor Communication. Show me a leader with poor communication skills and I’ll show you someone who may influence confusing messages, frustrating meetings, low morale and reduced productivity. Top leaders with excellent communication skills can communicate across all mediums and environments. Like a radio dial, they can adapt by dialing up or down because they are Active Listeners and Flexible/Open Thinkers.

Lacking Vision:  The Movie, “The Secret” helped to underscore the importance of having a clear vision which influenced the right kind of actions that generated results. Tunnel Vision, Poor Vision or Lacking Vision is a good example of the Blind LEADING the Blind.  Thus, a Top Leader needs “Clear and Achievable Vision” in order to succeed!  In addition, he/she needs to communicate his/her vision with conviction and clarity!

No Edge: If a Leader is more concerned about Survival than Growth he/she has No EDGE.  An “Edge” is the essence or culture that sets one Company apart from another in the form of a fresh, forward thinking, dynamic and innovative initiatives.  And, Leaders whose stance is Survival– are doomed to failure because a static environment means – “Game Over”.