Sunday, August 26, 2012


I met a Doctor recently who was gifted, brilliant and very effective in helping patients heal. Yet, his reputation was tarnished by his arrogance and over exaggerated sense of self importance.

Despite his multiple degrees, academic accomplishments and ability to help patients heal rapidly, his business was just limping along.  
Building a good reputation is a long term investment that delivers multiple rewards, personally and professionally.
And we only ever have influence over our reputation—never control—as is the case with all things external to us. And a good reputation remains one of our most precious assets (far more important than any career, home, car, or possession)
In addition, a reputation is a fragile thing. It requires constant feeding. Consistency is crucial. For example, if you live up to your reputation 99% of the time but fail to do so 1% of the time, you risk disproportionate reputation damage especially if the person you let down is a highly influential connection in your network.
A good reputation is a natural outgrowth of you. This is an on-going journey of self-development and self- awareness.


  1. You can't stop others from maligning you, but a good reputation can come to your rescue when other members of your network rise to your defense without you even knowing it.
  2. A good reputation provides you a target at which to keep aiming. Let your good reputation serve as motivation for you to try to improve yourself.
  3. A good reputation represents a great marketing strategy. When I find a service provider of any kind whose performance outshines their competition, I become their most enthusiastic free sales person because I recommend them enthusiastically to others, and I’m happy to pay them what they're worth.
  4. A good reputation inspires others. We all need positive role models, even the best and brightest among us.
What kind of Reputation do you have?