Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How do You Define Leadership?

The “Best Leaders” have the capacity and vision to see a challenge ahead of them and they prepare to meet it, or even beat it, even before it happens. Top Leaders are proactive and results oriented.

Most of us don't live this way. Instead we react to problems as they come up and then find ourselves so buried in immediate needs that we can't focus on the future.

To be an Effective Leader you have to know your strengths but that is only part of the story.
Nancy Allen, CEO of Impact Training & Development

Leaders Leave Clues

  • True Leaders are humble as they exercise their power and influence.
  • Top Leaders make values and integrity a top priority while focusing on the well-being of their employees 
  • Basically, there are two types of approaches that Leaders take: Those who constantly see problems without offering solutions and those who communicate the issues at hand and offer solutions, while empowering employees to contribute and engage in the ownership of the solution. How refreshing! How important! This is the Leaders Edge. 
  • When disagreements are necessary, the Best Leaders are gentle yet firm. 
  • Their commitment to serve in order to lead is the game changer that drives Top Leaders.
In summary, Leaders who embrace using DiSC while incorporating a “Coaching Culture” bring an edge to today’s Corporate Culture in the form of a communication style that their teams and employees welcome. This edge has shown to deliver better business results, increased customer loyalty, and greater job satisfaction across the board!

With the challenges that Leaders have in today’s new economy and unique workforce, it is crucial to have Coaching Programs and Communication Assessments (like DiSC) in place, as an integral part of their Company Culture.

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